(RU3014)Woodworking Thin Rip Tab


  • UNIQUE STRUCTURE DESIGN: Woodworking thin rip table saw is with accurate positioning and unique mechanical structure design, making the product work more stable. Meet your different cutting need. The cutting lineis clear enough and easy to read.
  • EASY OPERATION: Jig module slicing positioner is designed to locating profiles or edge easily and accurately. It’s simple to operate and easy to use, suitable for working on most table saws. With protection device, high safety factor.
  • ACCURATE CUTTING: Thin rip tablesaw copes profile exactly, creates an instant template, lower the measurement error, obtain accuracy data, ideal for cutting thin board.
  • ALUMINUM ALLOY MATERIAL: Thin rip tablesaw is made of aluminum alloy material, resistant to corrosion, easy to store, easy to rust under normal conditions. High density and strength design. Easier to fit different shapes and curvatures objects.
  • DURABILITY: Not like the traditional metal shape contour gauge, our upgraded contourduplications gauge were well made of good quality aluminum , very sturdy and durable, will not rust, can be used many times.
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