(D32)STUCR CNC tool holder inner hole boring tool


Tool Holder: A tool holder is a device that connects a cutting tool to the spindle of a CNC machine tool, providing support and positioning for the cutting tool. It is usually made of high-strength metal materials and has a connection interface that matches the spindle of the machine tool to ensure the stability and accuracy of the tool.
Shank: The Shank is a part of the tool holder used to secure the tool. It is usually a cylindrical rod shaped structure with interfaces that match the handle for proper installation onto the handle.
Boring Bar: The blade is a crucial part for performing inner hole boring. It is usually made of materials such as hard alloy or high-speed steel, with cutting edges and edge support structures. The cutting edge of the blade is used to cut the workpiece, while the blade support structure is used to provide rigid support and stability.