Installation Tutorial for Electric Wood Milling Machine

Electric Wood Milling Machine

I – Introduction to Electric Wood Milling Machine:

The electric wood milling machine is a handheld power tool designed for woodworking tasks such as trimming, joinery, slotting, and profiling. It is operated by gripping it with both hands. There is also a one-handed version called a “trimming machine” which is smaller in size and power but offers similar functionality.

II – Structure and Functions of Electric Wood Milling Machine

  1. Height Adjustment Locking Wrench:
    The electric wood milling machine is equipped with a height adjustment mechanism that includes a reset spring within the lifting column. After lowering the machine body to the desired height, it is necessary to use a locking wrench to secure it in place. This prevents the spring from pushing the machine body back up. When the machining is completed, the locking wrench can be released, allowing the machine body to spring back and reset.
  1. Power Switch:
    The power switch is used to start the rotation of the main spindle.
  1. Body Height Adjustment Mechanism:
    The body height adjustment mechanism consists of a height adjustment rod and height limit block. It is used to set the range of vertical movement for the machine body.

4.Feed Depth Fine Adjustment Device:
The feed depth fine adjustment device consists of a feed depth limit step and a feed depth fine adjustment screw. It is used for fine-tuning the milling depth, allowing for precision machining.

①The limit step consists of several fixed height positions or notches. By rotating the step, it allows for the preliminary setting of the feed depth range. This enables the operator to select the desired height position to establish the initial depth for the milling operation.

  1. Milling cutter type and installation
    ① Types of milling cutters: Milling cutters for woodworking are divided according to the processing shape. They are rich in types, with many types to choose from and a wide range of processing.

②Installation of milling cutter
(i) Press and hold the spindle lock button so that it cannot rotate

(ii) Use a wrench to loosen the milling cutter chuck

(iii) Insert the milling cutter into the spindle

(IV) After tightening the milling cutter chuck, release the spindle lock button

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