A Comprehensive Visual Reference for Router Bit Profiles

Architectural Bits: These router bits are designed for creating intricate molding profiles.

Ball End Router Bits: Used for cutting channels to accommodate pipes or cables.

Bead Router Bits: These bits create a decorative bead profile and are often used in tongue-and-groove joints to conceal gaps between boards.

Bevel Router Bits: Also known as Chamfer Router Bits, they create angled edges or beveled cuts.

Bowl & Tray Router Bits: Specifically designed for routing solid wood serving trays or flat dishes.

Bullnose Router Bits: These bits are used to carve a rounded edge, commonly seen on the front edge of countertops.

Cove Router Bits: These bits create concave profiles and are often used for decorative purposes.

Dado Router Bits: Used for cutting slots or grooves, commonly seen in joinery or shelving applications.

Edge Forming Router Bits: These bits are used to create decorative edge profiles on the edges of boards or panels.

Flush Trim Router Bits: Used to trim the edges of one material flush with another, providing a clean and seamless finish.

Raised Panel Router Bits: Designed for creating raised panel profiles commonly used in cabinet doors.

Rabbeting Router Bits: These bits are used for cutting rabbets, which are recessed areas on the edge of a material.

Roman Ogee Router Bits: These bits create an S-shaped profile and are often used for decorative purposes.

Roundover Router Bits: Used to create a rounded edge or soften sharp corners on materials.

Straight Router Bits: These bits have a continuous straight cutting edge and are versatile for various routing tasks.

V-Groove Router Bits: Used to create V-shaped grooves or decorative accents on materials.

Chamfer Bits: Used to cut angles, typically 45 degrees.

CNC Carving Bits: Includes roughing, shaping, and detailing bits for carving wood.

Countersink Bits: Used to create conical holes in materials.

Core Box Router Bits: Used for cutting half-round grooves in moldings, columns, and signs.

Corner Round Router Bits: Create rounded corners on woodworking pieces.

Cove Router Bits: Used for forming inside corners and bridging gaps.

Door Lip Router Bits: Shape pull handles on drawers and cabinet doors.

Doormaking Router Bits: Designed for making entry, cabinet, and glass doors.

Dovetail Router Bits: Carve tenons and mortises for dovetail joints.

Finger Grip Router Bits: Carve drawer pull handles on drawers and cabinet doors.

Fluting Router Bits: Carve fluted molding designs.

Grooving & Engraving Bits: Create detailed patterns and designs in wood.

Keyhole Router Bits: Used to cut keyhole slots in plaques and picture frames.

Left-Hand Plunge Router Bits: Designed for reverse-rotation routers.

Letter Making Router Bits: Used to create letters for signs.

Metric Straight Plunge Router Bits: for Undersized Plywood: Designed for precise cuts in plywood.

Molding Router Bits: Create decorative moldings and trim.

Mortise Router Bits: Carve square slots for hinges and locks.

Multi-Form Router Bit: Cut various molding patterns and profiles.

Ogee Router Bits: Carve S-shaped curves in moldings and decorative designs.

Opposite-Shear Staggered Tooth CNC Router Bits: Feature both down-shear and up-shear edges.

Ovolo Bits: Plunge version of Roundover or corner round bits.

Panel Pilot Router Bits: Used for creating openings in panels and materials like mica and veneer.

Plastic Cutting Single & Double ‘O’ Flute Carbide Tipped Router Bits: For cutting abrasive plastics.

Plunge Router Bits: Ideal for plunging cuts and dados.

Plunge Form Router Bits: Perfect for deep surface cuts and inlay work.

Production Plunge Router Bits: Designed for high production operations.

Production Shear Router Bits: Excellent for cutting composition board and melamine.

Profiling Router Bits: Create various profiles in wood and boards.

Reed Edge Router Bits: Produce elegant edge profiles with full beads.

Round Over Router Bits: Create rounded edges on furniture and fixtures.

Screw Slot Router Bits: Prevent wood splitting when securing panels with screws.

Solid Carbide Spiral Flute Plunge Bits: Used for carving and sign manufacturing.

Slow Spiral Finisher Solid Carbide Router Bits: Provide an excellent finish in hardwoods and plastics.

Straight Plunge CNC Router Bits: For routing grooves, dados, joints, and more.

Straight Plunge Open Flute CNC Router Bits: Promote rapid chip clearance for high feed rates.

Stagger Tooth Plunge Cutting Carbide Tipped Router Bits: Combine speed, chip clearance, and finish for dense or abrasive materials.

Solid Carbide Straight Plunge CNC Router Bits: For tasks involving cutting through dense natural woods and abrasive wood composites at high volumes and speeds, it is advisable to employ solid carbide router bits. These bits are well-suited for tasks such as routing straight grooves, rabbets, dados, joints, mortises, material trimming, or making general cuts.

Spoilboard Insert CNC Router Bits:

Used for planing and rabbeting surface areas in various materials, including MDF, Balsa Core, hardwood, softwood, and man-made materials.

Straight Plunge Router Bits:

Ideal for routing straight grooves, rabbets, dados, joints, mortises, trimming material, or making general cuts.

90° V-Groove & Engraving:

Designed for beveling or V-grooving at a 90° angle, with a ZrN coating for extended cutting edge life.

V-Groove Router Bits:

Cut decorative V-grooves and lettering on signs, and can be used for miter folds.

V-Paneling Router Bits:

Used to create V-groove paneling by cutting two separate pieces of wood that form a V design when joined together.

Window Edge Router Bits:

Designed for shaping the edges of window frames and ledges.

Abrasive Routers:

Configured to cut abrasive materials such as tile and fiberglass, sometimes in a diamond pattern.

Acrylic Router Bits:

Specifically designed to work with acrylic materials, though they may dull the tool steel due to acrylic’s softness.

Aluminum Router Bits:

Used for cutting aluminum, brass, copper, and other nonferrous metals.

Beading Router Bits:

Ideal for decorative purposes, creating quarter-round shapes bounded by fillets for a bead-like contour in wood.

Boring Bit:

A cutting tool for making clean, circular or cylindrical cut-outs or holes in wood or other materials.

Carving, 3D Tapered Ball Nose (Conical Ball), ZrN Coated Router Bits:

Solid carbide bits designed for CNC 3D profiling and carving in plastic, aluminum, and wood with machines like “i-Carver,” CNC Shark, ShopBot, and CarveWright.

Chair Rail Router Bits:

Originally intended to prevent walls from being dented by chair backs, these bits are typically measured to equal the height of the tallest chair in a room.

Chamfer Edge Aluminum Cutting End Mill Router Bits:

Designed to route a finished appearance into aluminum, brass, copper, and non-ferrous metals in one pass, using an ‘O’ flute up-cut design for a clean finish.

CNC Cutting Bits:

Automated cutting tools for gouging out wood to create patterns, shapes, letters, reliefs, joints, or holes.

CNC Router Bits:

Designed to work with CNC machines, providing superior, smooth-quality cuts.

Composite Cutting Solid Carbide End Mill Point Diamond Pattern Router Bits:

Designed for cutting fiberglass, fiberglass PCB Board, composites, phenolic, and other highly abrasive materials, offering even grinding in all directions.

Composite Solid Carbide Cutting End Mill Point Roughing Spiral Router Bits:

Specially graded carbide bits for roughing cuts in hard and abrasive composite materials like carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Compression Router Bits:

Used when working with veneer, melamine, or similar materials to ensure both top and bottom edges are properly cut and pulled towards the center.

Compression Spiral Bits:

Drilling or boring tools that eject chips in opposite directions for smooth-textured and clean top and bottom edges, especially on laminated plywood.


Similar to Countersink Bits, used for creating conical holes in manufactured objects.

Crown Molding CNC Router Bits:

Produce crown, cove, and bead molding profiles for architectural and furniture applications.

Diamond Bits:

Contain polycrystalline diamond for durability, used for hard materials.

Diamond Drag Engraving Bit:

Diamond-tipped cutting and engraving implements used for creating precise and permanent lines on surfaces like glass, mirrors, granite tiles, plaques, and trophies.

Diamond Grit Spiral with Electro-Plated Diamonds:

Tools offering superb finishes in abrasive glass fiber or Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer applications.

Diamond Grit Tools:

Diamond particles embedded in nickel plating for excellent finishes in abrasive glass fiber or Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer applications.

Doormaking Router Bits:

Used for making and shaping doors.

Double Bead Router Bits:

Create two bead-shaped contours in wood pieces, often used on shelving or molding strips.

Double Edge Folding AlTiN Coated V-Groove Router Bits for Shaping Steel Composite Materials (SCM):

Designed for shaping Steel Composite Materials (SCM) with various angles and a flat bottom.

Double Edge Folding Insert Carbide V-Groove Router Bits for Shaping Composite Material Panels:

Designed for shaping Composite Material Panels with various angle V-Grooves and a flat bottom.

Double Edge Folding ‘V’ Groove Router Bits for Shaping Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM):

For cutting aluminum/plastic sandwich materials with a 90° angle and flat bottom.

Double Edge Folding ZrN Coated V-Groove Router Bits for Shaping Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM):

ZrN coated bits designed for shaping Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM) with various angle V-Grooves and a flat bottom.

Down-Cut Bits:

Drilling tools that make square-shaped mortises (dadoes) while pushing chips downward, resulting in a smooth top edge and a rough bottom edge. These are complementary to up-cut bits, which achieve the opposite effect.

Edge Router Bits:

Used for detailing the edges of woodworking pieces, such as softening corners of tables and cabinets.

End Mill High Performance Fiberglass and Composite Cutting Router Bits:

A combination of a 2-flute end mill and a diamond-cut router bit designed for improved facing finishes on fiberglass and composites. AlTiN coated for extended tool life.

Engraving Bits:

See Engraving Bit.

Engraving Tools:

Various tools used for engraving, including standard conical, micro profilers, tough tips for stainless steel, conical ballnose, engraving chamfer drills, cutter bevellers, quarter round tools, parallel ball nose, pyramid, diamond tip, 2D Data Matrix UID, and carbide point tool bits.

E-Z Dial™ Slot Cutter Router Bits:

An adjustable slot cutter that doesn’t require shims or spacers, allowing quick adjustments in seconds with accuracy down to .004″. Ideal for precise groove cutting.

Fast Helix Router Bit:

High-speed spiral drilling or boring tools that enable deep drilling while efficiently clearing holes.

Fiberglass Router Bits:

Designed for trimming laminated fiberglass boards.

Flooring Router Bits:

Used for creating custom tongue and groove hardwood flooring, inlays, and floorboards with nail slots, typically achieved with two-piece carbide-tipped router bit sets.

Flush Trim Router Bits:

Used for carving templates, patterns, joints, and internal cuts.

Foam Cutting Router Bits:

Solid carbide, up-cut router bits specially designed for milling Polyurethane Foam and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) to ensure precise and detailed foam projects.

Furniture Molding Router Bits:

See molding router bits.

Handrail Router Bits:

Designed for detailing handrails.

High Performance Solid Carbide AlTiN Coated 135° Drill Point for Fiberglass and Composite Materials:

A combination drill/diamond-cut router bit for clean vertical feed with minimal workpiece deflection. AlTiN coating provides extra cutting edge hardness for increased productivity.

High Performance Solid Carbide AlTiN Coated Burr End for Fiberglass and Composite Materials:

Multi-fluted end face for finesse in the grinding process, and AlTiN coating for durability and enhanced performance.

High Performance Solid Carbide 90° ‘V’ Spiral AlTiN Coated CNC Drills:

Versatile steel and stainless steel cutting router bits/end mills. These combination drill/mills allow plunging, slotting, and top chamfering in one tool, saving time and cost.

In-Groove™ Router Bits:

An insert engraving system that enables quick interchange of insert carbide knives while mounted in CNC machines to maintain cutting accuracy.

Insert Carbide Stile & Rail Router Bit Sets:

Designed for building cabinet doors and frame-and-panel assemblies, with one bit for cutting the rails and one for cutting the stiles. Solid carbide insert knives are replaceable when dull.

Insert Carbide Straight Router Bits:

Designed for fast and direct material penetration and removal, suitable for wood, MDF, melamine, and man-made materials.

Insert Tooling:

A system where bits are ‘inserted’ into the work head rather than being permanently welded, allowing for easy replacement of worn bits.

Intermediate Stackable Cutters:

Used to expand adjustable groovers and sandwich one or more cutters between a pair of groovers.

Joinery Router Bits:

Used for carving joint pieces in a puzzle-like manner for joint-making.

Master CNC Router Bit Collection:

A comprehensive collection of 58 CNC router bits suitable for a variety of materials and industries, including woodworking, aluminum, plastic, foam, and composites.

MDF Router Bits:

Designed for proper cutting and carving of MDF wood boards.

Medium Burr with End Mill Point for Fiberglass and Composite Materials:

Fiberglass Router (FGR) burrs designed for efficient cutting in a variety of woven resin bond fiberglass and composite materials.

Medium Burr with 135° Drill Point for Fiberglass and Composite Materials:

Combining diamond-cut geometry with plunge capabilities, minimizing top-side burrs, especially on thin or unsupported workpieces.

Mini End Mill Solid Carbide Steel, Stainless Steel & Composite Cutting AlTiN Coated CNC Router Bits:

High-performance, AlTiN coated bits for micro machining applications requiring precision.

Miniature Router Bits:

Used for small-scale woodworking projects.

Multi Helix End Mills:

Ideal for peripheral milling, with enhanced durability and resistance to edge wear.

Patternmaking 3°, 5° & 7° Carbide Tipped Router Bits:

Slightly tapered bits designed for wood patternmaking, particularly in creating molds with required draft angles.

Plain End High Performance Solid Carbide Fiberglass and Composite Cutting Router Bits:

Tools with a flat end surface that preserves finishes on perpendicular faces, coated with AlTiN for increased productivity.

Plastic CNC Bits:

Designed for drilling and engraving on materials like acrylic, phenolic, polycarbonate, and polypropylene, with the ability to eject plastic chips from both ends.

Plastic Cutting Router Bits:

Spiral ‘O’ flute bits for smooth cuts in acrylic materials, plastics, and wood.

Plywood Router Bits:

Specially designed for cutting plywood.

Point Center Drill Solid Carbide 118° High Performance 60° Countersink Router Bits:

Versatile countersinks for quality hole

 starting and profiling, followed by a secondary drill for full-depth workpiece cuts.

Polystyrene Bits:

Designed for cutting soft plastics like polystyrene, though it’s important to note that soft materials tend to gradually dull sharp bits.

Radius Edge Aluminum Cutting End Mill:

Intended for creating a finished appearance in aluminum, brass, copper, and other non-ferrous metals in a single pass. Utilizes the ‘O’ flute up-cut design for an exceptionally clean finish.

Raised Panel Router Bits:

Used in combination with stile and rail bits to shape the edges of door panels, providing both horizontal and vertical profile options.

Router Bits for Metal:

Tailored for cutting various metal materials.

Router Bits for Plastic:

Designed for cutting plastic materials.

Shaper Bits:

A collective term referring to router bits that create rabbets, profiles, joints, and grooves.

Signmaking Router Bits:

Primarily used for crafting professional signs, often in combination with letter-making router bits.

Slot Cutting Router Bits:

Used to cut slots into wood.

Solid Carbide Router Bits:

Ground from micro grain carbide on precision CNC machines, available in various carbide standards of different hardnesses for specific materials.

Solid Carbide Plastic Cutting ‘O’ Flute CNC Router Bits:

These router bits feature a unique circular ‘O’ flute design, making it excellent for cutting soft plastics such as PVC, styrene, ABS, and more.

Solid Carbide Spiral Flute Roughing with Chipbreaker:

These router bits come with a small chipbreaker, resulting in an improved quality of cut and a small striated finish.

Solid Carbide Spiral CNC Router Bits for Composite Materials:

Crafted from special grade solid carbide, these bits are suitable for ‘roughing’ cuts in hard and abrasive composite materials like carbon fiber and Trespa®.

Solid Carbide Cast Iron, Aluminum and Titanium Cutting Router Bits:

Specifically designed for milling stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, steel, cermet, aluminum, brass, and copper.

Solid Carbide Compression Spiral Flute CNC Router Bits for MDF and Laminate:

Tailored for CNC applications requiring high feed rates and a clean finish, particularly well-suited for double-sided melamine or laminated materials.

Solid Carbide Compression Spiral Flute CNC Router Bits for Mortising Work:

Designed for CNC applications requiring high feed rates and a clean finish, these tools have a shorter up-cut section compared to standard compression tools. Ideal for mortising, grooving, and dado.

Solid Carbide Compression Spiral Flute CNC Router Bits for Solid Wood:

Specially crafted for working with hard solid wood, featuring a slow helix, special grinding angle, and improved body shape to support high feed rates, quick direction changes, and deep penetration.

Solid Carbide Carbon Graphite and Carbon Fiber Panel Cutting Router Bits:

Engineered to minimize failures in composite materials, ensuring clean, accurate cuts while combating abrasion, heat, and composite breakdown.

Solid Carbide Composite, Fiberglass & Phenolic Cutting CNC Router Bits:

Specifically designed for hard solid wood, featuring a slow helix, special grinding angle, and improved body shape to support high feed rates, quick direction changes, and deep penetration.

Solid Carbide V Groove CNC Router Bits:

Ideal for fine-line “engraving” in wood and composite materials, offering crisp, clean cuts.

Solid Carbide Fiberglass Abrasive Type Plunge Diamond Pattern CNC Router Bits:

Designed for cutting fiberglass, tile, and other highly abrasive materials, featuring diamond pattern cutting edges for abrasion rather than conventional cutting. Diamond Tipped Polycrystalline (PCD) technology ensures even cuts in all directions.

Solid Surface Router Bits:

Tailored for routing solid surfaces used in creating countertops, floor tiles, bathroom fixtures, and more.

Spiral Router Bits:

Designed with a drill-like configuration for making deep cuts into wood surfaces.

Tongue-and-Groove Router Bits:

Used to craft tongue and groove joints in woodworking projects.

Trim Solid Carbide Router Bits:

These bits are designed to cut precise linear designs on wooden and laminate-covered surfaces.

Tungsten Router Bits:

Bits equipped with tungsten carbide tips, ideal for adding details to doors, panels, and window panels.

Undersized Plywood Dado CNC Router Bits:

Crafted for cutting dadoes and grooves precisely dimensioned for plywood, flakeboard, and other sheet materials, where standard-size bits may be too large.

Wainscot Paneling Router Bits:

Used to carve decorative designs in wainscot wall panels.

Window Sash Router Bits:

Specially designed to cut sash window frames and glass door parts, including rails, stiles, mullions, and muntins.

Wood Router Bits:

Versatile router bits used for cutting, carving, and shaping wood pieces.

Wood CNC Router Bits:

Specifically designed for woodworking applications with CNC machines.

Woodworking Router Bits:

These bits are utilized to shape, trim, and cut wood pieces, commonly used in crafting furniture and other woodwork.

CNC Router Bits:

The cutting implements used in CNC routers to shape and cut various materials, including aluminum, brass, copper, wood, tiles, and fiberglass.

4 Facet CNC Drills:

Jobber length fractional drills featuring two cutting edges with two facets per cutting edge, including lip relief and lip clearance angles.

90° Countersink 5 Flute CNC Router Bit for Composite Materials:

Solid carbide brazed to a steel shank, this countersink router bit is designed for making countersinks in composite materials, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Adjustable Insert Carbide Mission Tongue & Groove CNC Router Bit Sets:

Crafted to cut precise grooves for snug, rattle-free fits in undersized plywood veneered panels, with an adjustable panel groove width feature.

Beadboard CNC Bits:

Automated shaping tools capable of creating bead or flute patterns, as well as for lettering, trimming, and fluting.

CNC Insert Finger Jointing Router Bit:

An automated tool for creating a 5-pair tongue-and-groove set, suitable for finger joints in softwood, hardwoods, and man-made boards.

CNC Insert Carbide Adjustable Chamfer Router Bits:

Ideal for producing chamfer cuts at various angles in softwood, hardwood, and man-made boards, allowing adjustment in 7.5° steps.

CNC Insert Carbide Engraving System Sets:

A set of 8-piece insert carbide tools that can be easily interchanged while the tool body remains in the CNC machine, suitable for cutting a wide range of materials.

CNC Insert Carbide MDF Cabinet Doors:

This series of profiles utilizes patented Nova™ tool body system and interchangeable solid carbide insert knives to achieve the appearance of raised panel doors in MDF or solid panels in a single pass.

CNC Insert Carbide Multi Profile Router Bits:

Interchangeable solid carbide insert CNC router bits for producing MDF Cabinet Doors, offering the convenience of replacing insert knives when dull.

CNC Insert Carbide Rough Rabbeting & Sizing Bits:

Insert straight router bits with multiple cutting flutes, suitable for rough rabbeting and sizing in various materials, featuring multiple cutting flutes for fine chip production.

CNC Insert Carbide Straight Rabbeting Router Bits:

Designed for trimming and rabbeting in softwood, hardwood, and man-made boards, with a scorer for an improved finish at the cut’s bottom.

CNC Insert Carbide Super Plunge Router Bits:

Crafted for fast and direct material penetration and quick removal of wood, MDF, melamine, and other man-made materials.

CNC Insert Carbide Up & Down Shear Router Bits:

Shear flutes that squeeze the material into the middle, providing an extra fine finish on both surfaces, and ensuring a constant cutting diameter and quality finish.

CNC Router:

A computer-aided or controlled machine for carving out designs or patterns on hard surfaces based on commands uploaded to the CNC terminal. Used in large-scale production of doors, panels, furniture, and cabinets, among other applications.

CNC Router Bit:

The cutting tool at the end of the spindle on a CNC router, suitable for various materials and purposes, often equipped with steel bodies and carbide tips.

CNC Spiral for Glass Reinforced Plastic Solid Carbide ZrN Coated Router Bits:

An exceptionally free-cutting multi-edge tool designed to shear material without tearing it apart, with the added benefit of a ZrN coating that increases the edge hardness by nearly 50%.

CNC Spoilboard:

A system used to machine individual parts held by a gasketed vacuum system.

CNC Spoilboard Surfacing:

The process of removing the tough outer layer (sealant) of engineered medium density fiberboard (the ‘spoilboard’) using a CNC machine to ensure the entire surface is flat and accurately aligned with the X and Y axes (width and length).

CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Bits and Mini Surfacing Bits:

Roughing and polishing tools for smoothing surfaces to align them accurately with X and Y axes.

CNC Tapered Bits:

Bits with narrower heads than bodies, often used for boring, drilling, carving, or letter-making.

CNC Compression Honeycomb Cutting Solid Carbide Router Bits:

Compression router bits that provide a burr-free top and bottom finish when the workpiece is thicker than 0.250″.

Conical CNC Bits:

Angled or spiral engraving tools suitable for various media, such as plastic, brass, aluminum, or copper, and often used for making angled cuts on edges.

Face Milling Non-Ferrous CNC Router Bit:

An end mill/router bit tool body made from alloy steel with four solid carbide cutting inserts for maximum feed and stability, ideal for use with CNC and milling machines.

Flute & Bead CNC Router Bits: These versatile bits are used for cutting joints in staved assemblies, making them ideal for circular planters, canoes, kayaks, and hot tubs. One of the bits flutes an edge, while the other forms a matching bead.

Flycutter CNC Router Bits: Also known as surfacing router bits, these tools are specially designed for planing and rabbeting large surface areas in a variety of materials, including MDF, Balsa Core, hardwood, softwood, and man-made substances.

Foam Cutting Extended Reach HSS TiN Coated Ball End & Square End Spiral Router Bits: CNC foam tools coated with Titanium Nitride (TiN) for precise and deep foam carving applications. The TiN coating enhances strength and durability, ensuring accurate and detailed foam projects.

Granite CNC Tools: These cutting, drilling, boring, and engraving tools are specifically crafted for granite applications, such as kitchen countertops, tiles, and decorative designs on monuments and memorials.

Groove CNC Router Bits: Ideal for routing grooves in solid wood, MDF, and more.

Honeycomb Cutting Solid Carbide Hogger CNC Router Bits: Designed for cutting various honeycomb materials, these hogger bits excel at shredding and chip evacuation while maintaining a smooth surface.

Infinity System™ CNC Insert Carbide Multi Profile Raised Panel Router Bits: These insert profile router bits feature two cutting flutes and are used to produce different raised panel profiles in softwood, hardwoods, and man-made boards. The Infinity System™ router accepts all eight solid carbide insert knife profiles, providing versatility.

Large Radius Ovolo (Cove) CNC Router Bits: Extra-large bits designed for creating large coves on CNC machines, ideal for crafting beautiful coves in furniture or architectural crown moldings.

Lock Miter CNC Router Bits: Lock miter bits are used for interlocking edge-to-edge joints, typically employed at the corners of casework.

Mini Ball End Solid Carbide Steel, Stainless Steel & Composite Cutting AlTiN Coated CNC Router Bits: High-performance, AlTiN-coated bits suitable for micro-machining applications that require high precision.

Nova CNC Grooving & Profiling Router Bits: This series of profiles, utilizing the patented Nova™ tool body system with interchangeable solid carbide insert knives, is designed to create the appearance of a raised panel door in MDF or solid panels in a single pass.

PCB CNC Bits: CNC carving bits designed for drilling and milling printed circuit board patterns.

Plastic Trim Saw Blade and Arbor System: An arbor system with a plastic trim saw blade, perfect for trimming and grooving hard and soft plastics, featuring 100% flash mounting.

Soft Aluminum Cutting CNC Router Bits: These solid carbide single-flute aluminum router bits, ZrN coated, are specifically designed for cutting soft grades of aluminum sheet to achieve a satisfactory finished edge. They are also suitable for cutting brass, bronze, copper, gold, and silver.

Solid Carbide Plastic Cutting CNC Insert System: A CNC insert knife system designed for cutting and chamfering the top and bottoms of materials like Plexiglass® or styrene sheets in one action.

Spektra™ Extreme Life Coated Router Bits: Solid Carbide Spektra™ Extreme Tool Life Coated Router Bits utilize a unique carbide with nACo® nanocomposite coating for longer lifetime, enhanced nanohardness, and heat resistance.

Spektra™ Extreme Tool Life Coated Solid Carbide Compression Spiral Router Bits for MDF/Laminate: Designed for CNC applications requiring high feed rates and a clean finish in abrasive materials.

Spektra™ Extreme Tool Life Coated Solid Carbide Spiral ‘O’ Flute, Plastic Cutting Up-Cut Router Bits: Router bits for plastics with a unique carbide and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating for extended lifetime in plastic materials.

Spiral Long CNC Bits: Spiral bits with extended cutting length, typically around 3 inches.

Stainless Steel Cutting Multi Helix Corner Radius CNC Router Bits: These multi-helix end mills excel in peripheral milling, offering longevity and damping vibration to maintain sharp cutting edges.

Moving on to routing materials:

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM): ACM is a flat panel composed of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core, commonly used for cladding in various applications, such as exterior and interior cladding of office buildings, hospitals, airports, insulation, and signage.

Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer: This material consists of strong and lightweight carbon fibers embedded in a polymer matrix, often epoxy, offering exceptional strength and rigidity.

Cermet: A composite material combining ceramic and metallic components, cermet combines the desirable properties of ceramics (such as high-temperature resistance and hardness) with those of metals (such as ductility).

Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (Fiberglass): A composite material made of polymer reinforced with fibers, commonly including glass, carbon, aramid, or basalt, and offers remarkable strength-to-weight ratio.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (Fiberglass): This composite material features a polymer matrix reinforced with glass fibers, making it strong, durable, and versatile.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard): MDF is an engineered wood product created by combining fine wood particles with a resin binder, resulting in a smooth and paintable surface that is resistant to warping and cracking.

Woodworking Joinery:

Box Joint: Also known as a finger joint, a box joint is a woodworking joint used to connect two pieces of wood at right angles. It creates a series of rectangular “boxes” or “fingers” that interlock with the corresponding features on the adjoining piece of wood.

Dovetail Joints: Dovetail joints are crafted by creating fan-shaped tenons in one piece of wood that interlock with mortises in another, resulting in a strong and distinctive joint.

Finger Joint: This technique involves joining two pieces of wood by cutting thin finger-like extensions into their ends. When glued together, these extensions form a flush and level surface.

Frame and Panel (Stile and Rail): The frame and panel technique is used to create doors, wainscoting, and decorative features in cabinets, homes, and furniture.

Glue Joint: A glue joint is formed by applying adhesive to the wood surfaces and pressing them together. The strength of a glue joint depends on factors like the type of glue used, joint preparation quality, and clamping pressure.

Joinery: Joinery refers to the process of creating woodworking pieces using various joint-making techniques.

Miter Joint: Miter joints are used to join two pieces of wood at an angle, typically by cutting the ends of the wood at 45-degree angles to form a 90-degree corner. They are common in applications like picture frames and decorative casings.

Mortise: These are slots carved into a piece of wood and are used in conjunction with tenons to create dovetail joints.

Tenon: Tenons are tapered, fan-shaped protrusions carved into a piece of wood that interlock with mortises in another piece of wood to form a dovetail joint.

Tongue-and-Groove Joint: Often used in wood paneling and flooring, this joint connects two or more similar objects edge-to-edge. One piece features a slot or “groove,” and the other has a thin, deep ridge or “tongue,” allowing them to fit closely together.

V-Joint: A decorative and sturdy joint characterized by V-shaped grooves in the wood, interlocking to create a visually appealing and strong connection. Commonly used in paneling and wainscoting.

Router Bit Manufacturers:

Amana Tool: A prominent supplier of high-quality tungsten carbide woodworking tools.

Belin CNC Router Bits: A company specializing in CNC tools.

Djtol Engraving Tools: A provider of CNC tools.

Haas CNC Bits: A company offering CNC tools.

Onsrud Router Bits: A manufacturer of CNC tools.

Sears Craftsman CNC Wood Engraver: A supplier of CNC engravers.

Vortex CNC Bits: A provider of CNC tools.

Other Router Bit Terms:

AlTiN Coating: Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTiN) coating enhances wear resistance when applied to router bits.

Anti-kickback: A safety feature designed to prevent tools from catching the wood too deeply, reducing the risk of kickback.

Boring Bits Lance: The pointed tip of boring bits.

Carbide Router Bits: Router bits made from extremely hard carbide material with varying hardness levels for specific materials.

Carbide Tipped Router Bits: Router bits with cutting edges or blades made of carbide.

CNC: Abbreviation for “computer numerical control,” referring to the automation of machines guided by computer-programmed commands.

Custom Router Bits: Router bits tailored to specific needs, preferences, or special requests.

Cutting Service: Providers offering cutting, drilling, boring, engraving, or embossing services using CNC cutting systems.

Cutting Systems: Comprehensive setups involving the cutting table, spindle, and router for automated cutting, engraving, or drilling.

Deburring Tools: Abrasive finishing tools used to remove burrs or rough edges formed during material fusion, providing a refined finish.

Dovetail Jig: A device used to secure board ends when creating dovetail joints.

Down-cut / Up-cut / Compression Bits:

Down-cut Bit:* A down-cut bit is ideal when a clean top surface is needed, such as for creating non-through pockets. It’s designed to achieve precise cuts without disturbing the material’s upper layer.

Up-cut Bit:* Up-cut bits are the preferred choice for obtaining a clean bottom surface and ensuring efficient chip removal in deeper profile cuts. They excel in creating crisp, debris-free cuts.

Compression Bit:* Compression bits offer the best of both worlds, incorporating both up-cut and down-cut grinds in a single bit. This versatile tool is designed to provide the benefits of clean top and bottom surfaces, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Feed Rate:

Feed Rate:* The feed rate provides recommended rates for using different types of router bits on various wood types. It’s important to consider factors like wood fiber direction, wood species, and humidity, as these can influence your cutting conditions.

High Precision Spring Collet:

High Precision Spring Collet:* This holding device, known as a collet, helps reduce vibrations in tools and motors. It ensures better results, extends the life of tools and spindles, and minimizes unwanted vibrations.

CNC High Precision Tool Extenders:

CNC High Precision Tool Extenders:* These tools extend the reach of CNC router bits, allowing users to work on various projects and applications without the need to purchase extra-long tools separately.


Milling:* Milling is a machining process that involves using rotary cutters to remove material from a workpiece by moving at an angle with the tool’s axis. It is a widely used process for shaping and sizing materials, ranging from small individual parts to large-scale machining operations.


Mortiser:* Also known as a mortising machine, it’s a tool designed to gouge out wood or other materials to create recesses for receiving tenons, forming sturdy joints.


Mullion:* A thin element that separates sections of a door, window, or screen. Mullions are often used for decorative purposes.


Muntin:* Wooden or metal strips that divide the panes of glass in a sash, typically used in windows or doors for both structural and aesthetic purposes.

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD):

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD):* PCD tooling is manufactured by fusing diamond particles onto a carbide substrate in high-temperature and high-pressure conditions. PCD offers a harder cutting edge, resulting in increased wear resistance and improved finish quality.

Retaining Studs:

Retaining Studs:* These bolt-like components are screwed into the arbor of a CNC or drilling machine. Various pull stud types are available to match specific CNC machine brands.

Router Bit Accessories:

Router Bit Accessories:* These are objects or devices that enhance the utility of router bits, making them more efficient and versatile.

Router Bit:

Router Bit:* A cutting tool designed for various materials, including non-ferrous metals, wood, tiles, and fiberglass. Router bits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, often featuring steel bodies and carbide tips for durability.

CNC Router Bit Sets:

CNC Router Bit Sets:* These sets are specifically designed for a variety of CNC machining applications, making tasks like signmaking, doormaking, and general routing more convenient.

Router Bits Profile:

Router Bits Profile:* These are a collection of cutting shapes used in woodworking and metalworking, including profiles like chamfer, V-groove, cove, round nose, rabbeting, dado, round over, dovetail, roman ogee, and beading. These profiles are employed for sculpting furniture and other carved pieces.

Router Bits: European Micro-Grained Carbide:

Router Bits: European Micro-Grained Carbide:* European micro-grained carbide is widely recognized in the woodworking industry for its excellent edge retention qualities, ensuring precise and durable performance.

Router Bits: Industrial Quality:

Router Bits: Industrial Quality:* Amana Tool router bits are engineered to meet the highest industrial standards. They are designed for smooth, long-lasting performance, with stringent quality control processes, such as the BG anti-kickback design certification.

Router Bit Quality:

Router Bit Quality:* Not all router bits are equal, and Amana Tool prides itself on producing high-quality bits that offer precision, longevity, and safety. Rigorous manufacturing standards ensure the bits meet the highest quality standards in the woodworking industry.

Router Bit Safety:

Router Bit Safety:* Refer to our safety guidelines, available in English, Spanish, and French, to ensure safe and proper router bit usage.

Router Bit Selection:

Router Bit Selection:* Choose the right router bit by consulting our quick selection guide, which helps you pick the ideal bit for your specific woodworking task.

Router Bits: Solid Carbide Insert vs. Brazed Carbide:

Router Bits: Solid Carbide Insert vs. Brazed Carbide:* Amana Tool now offers solid carbide insert router bits, which provide several advantages over brazed bits. Solid carbide inserts offer longer tool life, better wear resistance, and ease of replacement when the edge requires sharpening.

Router Bit Sets:

Router Bit Sets:* Router bit sets consist of multiple router bits used together to accomplish specific woodworking tasks. For example, the Wainscot Wall Panel Router Bit Set includes a collection of bits for creating wainscot wall paneling.

Router Bits:

Router Bits:* Router bits are attachments used with a router tool, primarily for cutting and carving wood. They come in various shapes and sizes, each suited to specific applications.

Rotozip Router Bits:

Rotozip Router Bits:* These router bits are used to make cuts, often in drywalls, at various angles.


Shank:* The shank of a router bit refers to the straight section of the bit inserted into the router’s collet. It’s essential to ensure the shank size matches the collet size for optimal results. Different diameter shanks are available, typically ranging from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch or larger.

Spektra™ Extreme Life Coating:

Spektra™ Extreme Life Coating:* The nACo coating is a micro-thin ceramic coating that enhances a router bit’s sharpness and lubricity, resulting in extended tool life and high-quality cutting results.

Tambour Door:

Tambour Door:* Tambour doors consist of slats, narrow strips of wood or metal, that can be rolled up and down along a vertical track. They are commonly used in cabinets and entertainment centers.


Videos:* These are educational and entertainment videos created using industrial CNC tooling.


Wainscot:* Wainscot is a wood paneling décor that covers the lower 3-4 feet of an interior wall and can be made from plain, painted, or varnished wood.

Window Sash:

Window Sash:* The window s

ash is the framework that holds the glass panes in a window or door.

Wood Routers:

Wood Routers:* These machines feature a revolving vertical spindle and cutter, primarily used for shaping the surface of wood.


Woodworking:* Woodworking is the process of creating objects using wood, involving carving, milling, building, and crafting.

Woodworking Templates:

Woodworking Templates:* These are patterns or molds in the form of thin boards or plates used as guides for constructing objects from wood.

ZrN Coating:

ZrN Coating:* Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) is a hard ceramic material used as a coating in various applications, including drill bits and components subjected to high wear and corrosive environments. It offers excellent wear resistance and durability.

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